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Bring us to your next Event or Party!

We are available to cater your private party, event, or meeting with a pop-up tent version of LocoSnoCo!!!
What's Included?

  • LocoSnoCo staff to take orders and craft snow cones.
  • As many 12 oz. snow cones as we can make in an hour (up to 200)!  Don't need 200 snow cones? We'll keep our ice shaver running for you even when we aren't making snow cones to build-up salvos of snowballs for ongoing snowball throwing fun.

  • 12 of our most popular flavors (or the flavors of your choosing, if available).

  • Our signature piragua de crema (sweet cream) topping.

  • Cups, color-changing spoons, and napkins.

How to Book?

  • Fill out the form below with the details of your event, including the expected turnout, and we will endeavor to respond within 24-48 hours whether or not we are able to support your request along with an invoice.

  • If you would like to proceed, you have 24 hours to confirm with a 50% deposit.  If we do not hear from you in that time, we will assume you have made other plans and we may book your requested time with other customers.  Requests will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • The remaining balance on your invoice will be due no later than 48 hours in advance of your event.

The Day of Your Event

  • We will arrive 20 minutes prior to the scheduled window we are serving to set-up our pop-up stand.  Our set-up involves a pop-up 10' x 10' tent with three 6-foot tables and 2-4 large coolers.

  • If an electrical outlet will not be available, please let us know and we can bring a generator.

  • Once you show us where you want us to set up, we will take care of the rest!


  • We have broken our pricing into tiers based on the size of your event:

    • Tier 1 - Events where demand is expected to be less than 50 Snow Cones per Hour: $250 per Hour.  

    • Tier 2 - Events where demand is expected to be 50 - 100 Snow Cones per Hour: $350 per Hour. 

    • Tier 3 - Events where demand is expected to be over 100 Snow Cones per Hour: $450 per Hour.

    • Tiers 2 and 3 include additional staffing and supplies to keep up with higher demand and reduce wait times.

  • Let us know the details of your event so that we can provide perfect service.  If you request additional staffing or supplies for your event, an additional service charge will apply.  

  • Events further than 10 miles from our normal operating location at 1580 Cypress Creek Road require an additional fee to account for fuel and travel time. 

  • Events longer than 3 hours may incur additional costs to restock ice and schedule additional staff.  

Have Something Else in Mind? 

  • If the above does not fit with your event, let us know.  We're always happy to hear from our customers!

Please be aware that the LocoSnoCo trailer remains at its normal business location at 1580 Cypress Creek Road and does not appear for catering events at this time unless specifically requested and we are able to accommodate the timing.  An event serviced by our trailer will support our full menu of 35+ flavors.

Thank you for thinking of LocoSnoCo!  We cannot wait to serve you!

Thank you!  You should hear back from us in 24-48 hours.

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